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UNC Software

UNC provides software to students, faculty and staff. Information below highlights the software available for use.

  • Academic Software

    IM&T centrally funds software through the Academic Software Refresh Program.

    The following software is available in some computer labs and classrooms (limited):

    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • ArcGIS
    • SageMath
    • Microsoft 365 (Office)
    • Microsoft Visio Online via 365
    • NVivo
    • SPSS

    Additional software is available with limited licenses. List of Software Currently Deployed in Classrooms and Labs lookup tool coming soon. 

  • Software Requests

    Faculty and staff can request existing software by submitting a request through the Support Portal at support.unco.edu or by calling the Help Desk at 970-351-4357.

    If faculty or staff would like to purchase individual software licenses visit the Software, Technology & Online Purchases website.

    If faculty or staff would like to request software to be centrally funded submit a project request from the  IM&T Project Website

Remote Software

UNC provides a web-based virtual computer lab for students to remotely access UNC software from any device, anywhere. Visit the Apporto Virtual Lab website to see what software is available and to learn more about the Apporto Virtual Lab.