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Administrative Service Centers are designed to provide essential support services to all UNC administrative divisions and academic colleges.

Administrative Service Centers (ASC) serve campus customers by working in conjunction with key campus departments including Human Resources, Accounting, Budget, and Communications.

The primary goals for the ASCs include: 

  • Integrate people, processes and technology to provide a balanced service level to all customers. Create a collaborative environment where trusted relationships and teamwork are encouraged between ASCs and their customers. 

  • Leverage human resources, institutional knowledge, skillsets, and technology in an effort to improve service and productivity. Create an organizational structure that balances strategic and tactical efforts that promote efficiencies.

  • Mitigate risk to UNC through attention to compliance requirements and understanding the impact these requirements have on productivity and customer service. Develop an integrated organizational structure that will promote the consistent interpretation and enforcement of policies, procedures, local, state and Federal laws and regulations across the University. 

  • Reduce  unnecessary costs. Through the use of creative organization design, economies of scale can be leveraged, resulting in lower operational costs. Design an environment that eliminates redundant processes and encourages solutions that maximize the goals and objectives of the University. 

ASC Service Expectations 

Administrative Service Centers will provide support to UNC’s administrative divisions and academic colleges. ASCs will reduce fragmentation in roles and emphasize specializations. 

In their basic forms, the ASC teams will consist of four essential functions:

  • Business Operations Manager;
  • HR Specialist;
  • Accounting Specialist;
  • Communication Specialist.

Specialized Skills

The more specialized skills in each service center will result in skilled staff completing all tasks, enhancing service to campus customers. It will be more efficient to implement changes with a smaller pool of specialized staff to train. 

The ASC model reduces training time requirements from home departments like accounting, human resources, and marketing. The university can realize enhanced service with content area experts supported by applicable department staff.     

ASC Mission Statement

The mission of UNC’s Administrative Service Centers is to provide customers with quality, timely and efficient services. ASCs will achieve this mission by utilizing technology, cultivating the skills of our staff and building strong relationships with campus customers. ASCs will operate with the understanding that we live in a competitive environment and our goal is to ensure efficient and effective service.