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Faculty Research and Publications Board

Graduate Student Association Representative

From the FRPB website:
The Faculty Research and Publications Board at the University of Northern Colorado is a representative faculty board that functions to encourage and support faculty research, publications, scholarly activities and artistic productions, and to fulfill the duties assigned to it by the Board of Trustees of the University of Northern Colorado as set forth in the Board Policy Manual. FRPB voting membership consists of one faculty representative from each college; three additional faculty representatives elected at large; one faculty representative from the University libraries; one faculty representative selected by the Faculty Senate; and one graduate student representative selected by the Director of the Graduate Student Association.

The FRPB meets throughout the academic year on the Greeley campus. Responsibilities include recommending and assisting with policies directed at securing adequate financial support for faculty research, recommending policies regarding the assignment of faculty time and University facilities for research, soliciting applications for research proposals and artistic productions and to allocate funds available to the FRPB on the basis of project merit, soliciting nominations from the faculty at large for the Distinguished Scholar Award and selecting the outstanding faculty member(s) for this award.

Graduate students interested in future openings for this position should contact GSA Director David Shimokawa.

2021-2022 GSA FRPB Representative:

Daniel Edi
Applied Statistics and Research Methods, Ph.D. student

Daniel is an Applied Statistics & Research Methods, Ph.D. student who earned a master's degree in statistics from the University of New Mexico and a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. In addition to his studies, Daniel is a Senior Consultant at the UNC Research Consulting Lab, a proposal reviewer for the UNC McNair Scholars Program and an undergraduate research mentor. Daniel's research interests include statistical consulting, applied statistics, psychometrics, standardized tests/testing, statistical analysis of large-scale datasets and structural equation modeling. 

Daniel was nominated for this position by Oluwagbenga David Agboola, who has served as the GSA's FRPB representative from 2019-2021.