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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate serves as the delegate assembly of the voting faculty at the University of Northern Colorado.

Organization, Structure, and Function

Section 2-3-106 of the Board Policy Manual outlines the powers of the Faculty Senate:  

  • Shall have the power to act for the voting faculty on all matters within the scope of this constitution, inclusive of grants of authority to such University councils/boards as are elsewhere established in this constitution.
  • Is empowered to receive and consider reports and recommendations from University councils/boards; from committees of the faculty; from the Student Senate; from individual members of the faculty and student body; from the faculties of the departments, colleges, and the University libraries; from administrative officers; and from other interested persons or groups.
  • May initiate or review policies pertaining to the general welfare of the University, the faculty, and the students which have significant University-wide impact as determined by the Faculty Senate including, but not limited to: salary, workload, benefits, organization and reorganization of academic units, promotion and tenure, grievance, retirement, and faculty evaluation.
  • May transmit resolutions regarding any matter concerning the University directly to the President and/or the BOT, and such resolutions may be transmitted to the faculty for their considerations and action.
  • May transmit copies of its resolutions to the Student Senate for its consideration and action.
  • May approve policy recommendations from University councils/boards upon a majority vote of the senators voting.
  • May veto a policy recommendation of a University council/board within thirty working days of its receipt by the Faculty Senate, which must include two regularly scheduled Faculty Senate meetings with such exceptions as are enumerated in 2-3-107(2) Liberal Arts Council, of this constitution. A majority vote of the senators present and voting is required for a veto action.