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IT Account and Access Exception Form

An IT Account and Access exception can only be granted after a security review and with applicable functional area director approval. Exceptions will only be granted in cases where there is a well justified need and business case for not adhering to IT Security Procedures.

Mitigating controls will be required in any case were an exception to this procedure is granted. These controls must be approved by the Office of Information Security and documented in this form.

Exceptions are granted for a maximum of 12 months but can be granted for intervals shorter than 12 months. Upon expiration of an exception a review will be conducted with the requester and the validity of the exception examined. If the exception is still deemed necessary and prudent the requester must submit a new exception form for the new time period.

Passwords for the account must be changed at the expiration of any given exception.

Please copy the following into an email to the TSC at help@unco.edu 




Account Name: @unco.edu

There are three options for this account in regards to account type, please check the box next to the option you want.

[ ] Shared Mailbox (A mailbox that’s not associated with a single user and is configured to allow access to multiple users).

[ ] User Mailbox (A mailbox that assigned to an individual user in the UNC Network)

[ ] User NoMailbox (A user account on the UNC Network with no mailbox attached to it)

People who need access:

Does the Account require a three year expiration period - ONLY FOR ACCOUNTS ESSENTIAL TO IM&T OPERATIONS - *Please note the request for a three year expiration will require a strong 32+ character password on the account*.

[  ] Yes

[  ] No

Technical Reason for Exception:

Business Justification:

Security Requirements and Mitigating Controls: