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César Chávez Cultural Center & Undocumented Student Services

Welcome to the vibrant César Chávez Cultural Center! It's your Latinx home away from home, where we celebrate your culture and provide holistic support. With a student-centered approach and a social justice lens, we embrace equity and inclusivity.

Our Undocumented Student Services and DEP offer academic, financial, and immigration support to students without documentation. Whether you have TPS, DACA, or no status, we've got your back.

Located in the heart of the César Chávez Cultural Center, our Undocumented Students Services help you navigate UNC admissions and beyond. DREAMers can access financial aid through CASFA, while the DEP provides a supportive community, mentorship, and growth opportunities.

Step into our center, your second home, where caring staff and friendly students create a comfortable space for you. We empower the UNC Latinx community through intentional programming, services, and advocacy.

Maximize your college experience with our resources, campus connections, and engaging events. From the Latinx Heritage Kick-Off to DREAMer Awareness Month, we've got workshops and programs tailored to your needs.

Join us and discover that you truly matter. We're here to contribute to your success at UNC.

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1410 20th St
Greeley, CO 80639

Phone: (970) 351-2424


    Latina Youth Conference

   Latinx Youth Leadership Conferences

Conference registration opens up in mid-January every year. 
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