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ASL Courses

You can learn ASL to meet your academic, personal, and career goals. ASL courses will develop your conversational fluency in ASL and your knowledge of Deaf Culture. 

Hearing, female student learns letter W

Deaf, female instructor teaches the letter A

Hearing, male student learns letter O

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" " Language Lab

In Person & Virtual Language Specialists
for ASL I - VI

  • ASL Courses (& ASL Screening)

    ASL courses are open to anyone interested in learning ASL.

    ASL 210: American Sign Language (ASL) for Professionals I
    Coming Fall 2023

    ASL 212: American Sign Language (ASL) for Professionals II
    Coming Spring 2024

    " " As a UNC student, you can take ASL courses to meet Liberal Arts Curriculum requirements. ASL 201 and ASL 202 are listed under the U.S. Multicultural Studies category.

    As a visiting student, you can take ASL courses for personal interest, professional development, or to complete requirements at another college or university.

    " "ASL I-IV are sequential courses. Complete ASL courses one at a time and in order.

    Your placement in the ASL sequence depends on your background.

    New to ASL
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    Take ASL I

    ASL @ College Level
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    Take Next ASL Course

    ASL @ High School Level
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    Schedule ASL Screening

    Life Experience
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    Schedule ASL Screening

    The ASL Screening will place you in the appropriate ASL course given your communication fluency. The ASL Screening is also recommended if your college level ASL course(s) were more than one (1) year ago.

    " " Email Kate to schedule your ASL Screening

    " " ASL Screening is conducted online & cost $25
    Retro-credit may be available

  • Register for ASL Class

    " " Check UNC's Schedule of Classes to find on-campus and online ASL classes. Copy the Course Reference Number (CRN).

    " " As a UNC student

    1. Find your Registration Date " "

    2. Register through URSA

    As a visiting student

    1. Complete the Registrar's requirements for visiting students.

      " "You will need the Registrar's confirmation email before proceeding.

    2. Activate your Student Account

      " "Activation instructions
      " " Skip next step if you are registering for ASL 1.

    3. Email Sherry.Schriver@unco.edu

      " "Include your name, UNC Bear number, the CRN of the ASL class (II, III, or IV) you are registering for, and your unofficial college transcript showing your previous ASL courses. You will need a response email before proceeding.

      " " No college transcript? Email Kate to schedule your ASL Screening - kate.beilmann@unco.edu

    4. Register through URSA

  • Course Delivery & Cost

    ASL courses (ASL 101, 102, 201, & 202) are offered on-campus and online to fit your learning and financial needs.

    ASL for Professionals courses (ASL 210 & 212) are only offered on-campus.

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    On-Campus ASL Courses

    • Traditional learning environment
    • Synchronous classroom meetings
    • Offered on UNC's Greeley campus

    " "

    On-Campus Tuition Rates

    • Variable rate based on in- and out-of-state residency
    • Visit Admissions for tuition costs

    " "

    Online ASL Courses

    • Non-traditional learning environment
    • Asynchronous through Canvas
    • Offered through Extended Campus

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    Online Tuition Rates

    • Set rate no matter your residency
    • Visit Extended Campus for tuition costs (click on the class you are interested in)

    The curriculum for both on-campus and online courses are the same; the delivery method is different. 

    Additional ASL Course Fee: 

    Modern language courses, including American Sign Language, typically include a language lab fee to cover costs of the language lab during the class.  For many spoken language labs this covers the cost of software and/or equipment.  Based on research and a pilot project the ASL faculty determined that students learn ASL best through authentic communication with native users of ASL.  Therefore, the course fee covers the costs associated with hiring language specialists who interact in real-time using authentic and native language with ASL students. 

  • Language of Instruction

    " " ASL courses are taught by qualified Deaf faculty who use ASL as their primary language.

Ways to Take Your ASL Further

Get an ASL Minor

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Become an ASL Teacher

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