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General Information

Minimum Requirements

Catering orders must exceed a guest count of 25 or more for any order OR total dollar amount of $350. Served meals that contain more than one (1) entrée must meet a minimum order of 25 for each entrée ordered. If the event is for 25 people or less, please consider a menu of appetizers from UNC Catering or one of the other food options available around campus. Visit the Dining Services website for locations & times for Holmes Dining Hall, Tobey-Kendel Dining Room, and all Retail Dining locations.

Special Diets

Special dietary requests, such as the need for gluten free-friendly or lactose-free meals for individual guests, should be made at the time of booking. Most buffets have a variety of foods offered that will accommodate individuals with special dietary needs. Please choose the option that best meets the needs of your group.

If there are specific concerns with ingredients of foods or you need help choosing options that will fit the needs of your group, we are happy to help you choose the correct buffet options. Dining Services has a Registered Dietitian and an Executive Chef available to help create a special menu, if needed, for groups with larger amounts of special dietary requirements. Notice of this need should be given three (3) weeks prior to the event taking place.

Leftover Food

Due to health and safety regulations, leftover food cannot be removed from the premises. UNC Catering does not provide or prepare containers, bags, or foil for removal of these items. Guests are not allowed in the kitchen or service areas to get additional food items.

Price Changes

While we make every attempt not to increase our prices, economic conditions dictate that we have this flexibility. Therefore, all prices are subject to change during the year.

Outside Food & Beverage

In accordance with the Weld County Health Department, State of Colorado, and Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division rules and regulations, food and beverage served in meeting rooms and public areas in the University Center, Campus Commons, and Centennial Hall must be provided by UNC Catering.

The University Center maintains a closed venue policy. All food must be ordered from UNC through UNC Catering, Subway®, Einstein Bros® Bagels, or Munchy Mart.

The following exceptions are allowed: wedding cakes, sheet cakes, mints/individually wrapped candy, & approved donated alcohol.