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The Canvas Learning Management System can be used to deliver instructional content, collaborate and communicate online, track and assess student work, as well as facilitate course administration.  Canvas serves as a powerful tool to all classroom types. From fully online courses, to hybrid classroom models such as blended and flipped classrooms, and traditional face-to-face classes, Canvas makes teaching and learning easier.

New to Canvas?

Visit the appropriate self-paced tutorial below for a tailored introduction to the Canvas Learning Management System. Each introductory course was created and is maintained by the Instructional Design and Development team here at UNC.

Need Support? 

Instructure, the company behind Canvas, has fantastic user guides for both instructors and students. Instructure's guides (below) for Canvas are updated as the company updates the system. UNC's Technical Support Center is also happy to help direct more specific questions to the appropriate teams. You can reach the TSC at 970-351-4357 or at help@unco.edu

Canvas Community

Access a repository of training materials aimed at helping you get the most out of the community.  Ask questions, share answers, browse tips & tricks, common FAQs, and community tutorials with step-by-step instructions. Visit the Canvas Community.