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Zoom Sessions

When you make a Zoom Session appointment, you agree to the following policies and procedures. Please read these carefully to ensure that your session runs smoothly and efficiently. 

IMPORTANT: You need access to a fairly reliable internet connection, a computer, a microphone, Zoom, Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and possibly a webcam to participate in a Zoom session with a consultant. If you do not have access to these things, consider making an In-Person or Email Session instead. You can visit the Information Management Technology web page about Zoom for more details. The Writing Center is not able to offer IT assistance. If you’re experiencing issues with Zoom or other technologies, please reach out to IMT

Before the Session: Before and When Making Your Appointment

  • Sign up for and sign in to Zoom. Everyone at UNC has access to Zoom. There’s a dedicated portal to sign in to Zoom: Go to https://unco.zoom.us/if you’re not sure how to sign in.  
    • Check your video and microphone connection ahead of time. If your video and/or audio doesn’t work and allow your Consultant to work with you, we reserve the right to end the session and suggest rescheduling. 
    • When possible, writers should seek out a quiet location where they can speak without interruption. We realize this may be difficult for some and are understanding of particular circumstances. 
    • Audio must be used in the session. If the session experiences internet disruption, we can switch to audio-only. You are not required to have your video on during the session. 
    • Never used Zoom before? Here are some “Getting Started” materialsfor Zoom. See also “Top 10 Tips for Good Zoom Etiquette.”

  • Be sure you can access Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
    • Microsoft Office 365/Microsoft Word. All UNC students and employees have access to the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. If you have not downloaded this to your personal laptop or computer, you can do so for free. Follow this page and scroll down to the “Remote Software and Tech Tools” for more information. 
    • Sign up for and sign In to Google/Google Docs. Make sure you can sign into Google and know how to share your document using a link. Consultants will notbe providing personal gmail accounts for sharing purposes.
  • Make Your Appointment. Make your appointment at least 30 minutes in advance of your session. This will allow both you and the Consultant time to prepare for the session. Go to our online scheduling system to secure your appointment time: http://unco.tutortrac.com. Be sure that you're able to meet with your Consultant at the scheduled appointment time. 
    • We prefer that you upload your Microsoft Word document or share your Google Doc link at the time of making the appointment, but this is not required. However, your document must be available by the time of your appointment. 
  • Wait for Your Zoom Link via Email. YourConsultant will email you a link to the Zoom meeting before the session. Be sure to check your email for this link. Consultants generally send this link the day before or the day of your session, but it may arrive as soon as a few minutes before your session. If you don't have a Zoom link by the time of your scheduled appointment, call the Writing Center at: 970-351-2056.

At the Time of and During Your Session 

IMPORTANT: Writers do not have permission to record or take screenshots of the Zoom Session. If you need your session to be recorded or need screenshots, please tell your Consultant. We'll do the recording or the screenshots for you and will send you the information. 

  • Meet Your Consultant Online. At the time of your appointment, make sure you’re signed into Zoom and ready to open the Zoom meeting. All Consultants have the "waiting room" feature for their Writing Center Zoom Sessions. You'll be allowed into the Zoom meeting at the time of your session. 
  • Respect the Consultant’s Time. Keep in mind that your Consultant may have other sessions directly following yours, so be respectful and adhere to the session time parameters. 
  • Tell Your Consultant if You Need Documentation Sent to Your Instructor. The Writing Center does not automatically send session documentation to instructors. If you need or want this to happen, just let us know! Knowing your instructor's name is required. 
  • Late Start Policy. There is a five-minute grace period for starting a Zoom session with the Writing Center. If you think will be more than 5 minutes late, but not more than 10, call the Writing Center to hold your appointment time: 970-351-2056.

After Your Session