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Dr. Shashwata Prateek Dutta

Dr. Shashwata Prateek Dutta

Term through December 31, 2023

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Prateek Dutta is a K-12 education leader with significant experience working both in district and state policy and on the ground with students and families. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado, Prateek taught in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and guided his students to the highest achievement scores in Louisiana. Realizing he wanted to make an impact outside of the classroom, Prateek went on to become a college counselor, advising students he once taught to apply and persist through college. After six years in New Orleans, Prateek left to earn his doctorate at Harvard University.

After earning his doctorate, Prateek joined Democrats for Education Reform–CO as the policy director. Prateek wrote and helped pass legislation that expanded access to rigorous classes for low-income students, increased funding for school counselors to increase FAFSA completion rates, worked with a wide variety of stakeholders to increase resources for drop-out prevention efforts, among other policies centered on traditionally disadvantaged students. He currently serves as the deputy director of K-12 policy and strategic initiatives for Education Reform Now.