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Board of Trustees December 8, 2023


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I.     Call to Order/Roll/Approval of Agenda
       Chair Monfort 

II.    Consent Agenda (Monfort)
        A.  Minutes of the January 27, 2023 Meeting of the Board of Trustees
        B.  Minutes of the June 9, 2023 Meeting of the Board of Trustees
        C.  Minutes of the  October 6, 2023 Board Retreat 

III.   Opening Comments and Reports
        A.  President's Report (Feinstein)
              i.  Personnel Report 
        B.  Faculty Senate Report (Senbet)
        C.  Student Government Association Report (J. Martinez)
        D.  Classified Staff Council Report (Mondy)
        E.   Professional Administrative Staff Council Report (Chavez)
        F.   Board Chair's Comments (Monfort)
IV.   Reports of Committees of the Board 
        A.  Finance and Audit Committee (Babbs)
        B.  Ad Hoc Campaign Committee (Monfort, Steg Haskett)

V.    Public Comment 

VI.   Action Items 
A.  Board Policy Manual Updates (Satriana)
              i.  Section 1-1-203 President
             ii.  Section 1-1-204 University Counsel 
            iii.  Section 2-3-501 Course Outline 
        B.  Leave of Absence Without Pay (Fleming)
        C.  Election of Board Secretary (Monfort)
        D.  Resolution Honoring the Life, Work, and Legacy of Dick Bond (Feinstein

VII.   Discussion Items
A.  Legislative Update (Tibbals
         B.  Rowing, Not Drifting 2030, Phase II
               i.  Progress Report (Feinstein)
              ii.  Becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution (Guzmán, Alcántar, Garcia) PPT
         C.  Rowing, Not Drifting 2030, Phase III (Fleming)
         D.  Strategic Enrollment Management (Howard, Lien, Torrez) PPT – revised

VIII.  Executive Session
Pursuant to §24-6-402(3)(b)(I) C.R.S. the University of Northern Colorado Board of Trustees will go into Executive Session to receive legal advice regarding a personnel matter. 

IX.    Action Items
A.  UNC President Employment Agreement (Monfort, Satriana)

X.     Adjourn 

Final Approved Meeting Minutes