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Finance & Audit Committee December 7, 2023


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I.     Call to Order/Roll/Approval of Agenda 
       Trustee Babbs 

II.    Welcome and Update
       President Feinstein 

III.   Discussion Items
        A.  Facilities Comprehensive Plan (Pratt, Bowers, SmithGroup) PPT
        B.  Internal Audit Risk Assessment Update (Pratt)
        C.  FY23 Preliminary Financial Statements (Pratt, McCamey)
        D.  FY23 Annual Debt Management Report and Composite Financial Index (Pratt, McCamey)
        E.  FY24 Q1 Forecast (Pratt)
        F.  Fiscal 2024-25 (FY25) Financial Drivers and Outlook (Pratt) PPT
        G.  College of Osteopathic Medicine Proposed Financing Structure (Pratt) PPT

 IV.  Adjourn 

Final Approved Meeting Minutes