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Active Kids Do Better

On September 24, 2015 over 150 physical educators, administrators, activity leaders and University faculty members attended a Schulze speaker series at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) on the topic: Active building healthier generations through active learning schools. The 4 hour event included a distinguished line-up of national and state speakers, door prizes, light refreshments, active applause, and intermittent physical activity breaks led by speaker and physical educator, Tanya Peal.

Invited Speakers

  • Professor Emeritus Thom Mckenzie, PhD, San Diego State University, who documented the growing science that support the preventative role of physical activity in schools
  • Executive Director of Let’s Move Active Schools, Charlene Burgeson, who spoke on ways to empower schools and school leaders to develop a culture of movement and health
  • Cyrus Weinberger, Principal, Red Hawk Elementary school
  • Tanya Peal, Physical Education and Activity Leader and Red Hawk Elementary School
  • Paige Jennings, Physical Activity and Physical Education Coordinator, St. Vrain Valley school district



Feedback from the 34 attendees surveyed was extremely positive. Please check out the video (insert link) and photo gallery of the event.  UNC looks forward to hosting a similar event in the future. 

  • 88% believed that the event was well organized
  • 90% believed the presenters were knowledgeable
  • 90% believed that the event fostered a physical activity setting
  • 90% would recommended a similar event to colleagues

One word to describe the overall experience:
“Worth it!” “Fun” “GREAT” “Informative” “Stimulating” “Unique and refreshing” “AWESOME” “Energizing” “Inspiring” “WOW!!” “Informative” “Wonderful” “Exciting” “Educational”




Event - contact Dr. Carson

Master’s program - contact Dr. Dauenhauer 

MAT-PEPAL Program Website

Successful Speaker Series

“Yes. Well advertised, I was excited to sign up and even more excited after I left”
“Yes, great speakers that provided a well-rounded perspective on active schools and why/how active kids do better”
“I think it was such a great event to host at UNC and I enjoyed the collaborative nature between different departments/disciplines on campus”
“I think it was a great opportunity to expose future and current physical educators to current trends and practices”
“Yes. I felt I learned a lot and felt very eager to bring the info back to my school and district”