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Oscar Levin

Oscar Levin


Mathematical Sciences
Natural and Health Sciences

Contact Information

(970) 351-2380
Ross Hall 2240D


Professional/Academic Experience

Research/Areas of Interest


Courses I regularly teach include Discrete Mathematics (MATH 228), and Abstract Algebra I & II (MATH 321 & 322).  I have also taught courses on Calculus, Modern Geometry, Continuous Mathematics, and graduate courses in Logic and Graph Theory.  More information about my teaching activities can be found on my personal website.


I work in an area of mathematical logic known as computability theory (or sometimes as recursion theory). The goal is to understand to what extent "regular" mathematics is or is not algorithmic. I am especially interested in applications to algebra and combinatorics.

I have also collaborated with a number of undergraduate students on research projects both in and out of computability theory.

Open Source Textbooks

I am the author of the widely adopted open source textbook Discrete Mathematics: an Open Introduction, currently in its third edition.  The book is available for free as both a pdf and interactive online ebook.  I have contributed to other open source textbook projects, and am an active member of the OER mathematics community.

Publications/Creative Works

See my research page for copies of these papers.

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