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Darian Martinez

Darian Martinez

Foreign Languages: French Liberal Arts & International Affairs

Modern Languages & Political Science and International Affairs
Humanities and Social Sciences

Research/Areas of Interest

Between Two Worlds: Memory and the French-Algerian (Pied-Noir) Experience
Mentors: Jacob Melish, PhD, Department of History                                                                                                                                                                                     Christine Moritz, PhD, Department of Modern Languages


My name is Darian Martinez, and I am double majoring in French and International Affairs. I also have a minor in Mexican American Studies. While I am not sure what career I would like to pursue, I know that I would like to earn a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies in the future and obtain a position where I can apply my research. I have a deep love of literature, music, and elephants, and my family is the most important thing to me; I would not be here without them. I grew up in Westminster, Colorado, and I was lucky enough to have a short story published in Cadencias, a journal here at UNC, which will hopefully be the first of many.