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Kaitlin Harris

Kaitlin Harris

English: Liberal Arts & Psychology

English & Psychological Sciences
Humanities and Social Sciences & Education and Behavioral Sciences

Research/Areas of Interest

Frankenstein's Fixations: A Psychoanalytic Evolutionary Approach to Childhood, Sexuality, and Outsiders 
Mentors: Sarah Cornish, PhD, Department of English                                                                                                                                                                                  Tracey Sedinger, PhD, Department of English


My name is Kaitlin Harris, and I am a psychology and English liberal arts major with a writing minor at the University of Northern Colorado. My academic goals are to pursue a master's degree in English with a literary criticism emphasis and a doctorate in psychology or the history of consciousness. My professional goals are to be a professor so that I can discuss and debate what I have learned through reading and my own research, and so that I can publish my literary criticisms and research to hopefully continually educate the populous and myself. Something unique about me is that I am a first generation student, and I have an eclectic music collection of 11,000 songs. I am from Fleming, Colorado. My achievements and volunteer work include attending the state spelling bee; volunteering at the Fleming public library for the school year and the summer reading program; being part of the Center for Human Enrichment, Psi Chi, and Sigma Tau Delta; being an English tutor; and being on the Dean of Student's Honor Roll list for two years. I also find the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program to be an exciting achievement, and I am looking forward to being in the program!