Mapping a network drive on a PC

  1. Ensure that you are connected to the UNC network via ethernet or wirelessly via VPN.
  2. Click the Start menu, then search for \\uncsrv1 or \\uncsrv2 (this depends on what server your network drive is on), then press Enter.
  3. Look through this location for the specific folder you want to map.
  4.  Right-click the folder, then click Map network drive...
  5. Choose the drive letter you would like to assign to this drive, make sure the check box next to Reconnect at sign-in is checked, then click Finish.
  6. The drive will now be listed along with any other local or network drives when browsing for files on your computer.

Mapping a network drive on a Mac

  1. You must know the exact path to map the folder, which can be found on a PC. If you do not have the exact path, please contact the Technical Support Center for assistance.
  2. Bring up Finder then click Go.
  3.  Click Connect to Server.
  4. Type in the name of the server in this format: smb://servername/foldername
  5. Click Connect.
  6. Enter the details as shown.
    • Workgroup or Domain: unco1
    •  Name: firstname.lastname
    • Password: your Ursa password
  7.  The drive is now “Mounted".