Your UNC account is the username and password you use to access most of UNC’s services, including Banner, Ursa, Canvas and Email. In most cases, the username is the combination of your first & last name, sometimes with a middle initial for uniqueness. (For example, professor Klawz Bear’s username would be  

  • New Fac/Staff
    • Your first.last is automatically created and ready to be activated within 24 hours of being active in our system. You will need to activate your account through our Ursa website.
  • What access will I have as a new Employee?
    • By default you will have access to Ursa, Email and Canvas. If you need additional access (access to department shares, email distribution lists, etc.) Your supervisor will need to submit a request detailing what additional access is needed.
  • How do I reset my password?
    • UNC Windows computers: You can reset your password using the Password Reset link under Account Tools on Ursa or using the Reset My Password link in Ursa under your My Account tab.
    • UNC Mac computers: See the Jamf Connect documentation.
  • New GA, TA, Student Employee
    • Your Instructor will need to complete a New Account Request. They should select your student account in the portal when making the request.
    • The access you are given will be based on the information provided in the request.
    • You will need to activate your account through our Ursa website.
    • If compliance training is needed, and email will need to be sent to and they will add the courses to Canvas as GA, TA, Student Employees do not have access to Cornerstone.
    • Accounts are set to expire in early September every year. If you need your account for the next academic year your supervisor will need to submit an account extension request.
    • To submit an account extension request, please do the following:
      • Go to our Support Portal
      • Login with your UNC email address and password
      • In the keyword search enter "account extension"
      • On the left you will see the option to submit the request
  • Can't find your employee in the Support Portal?
    • From the Support Portal enter in the keyword "new account" in the search bar. Select the service request "New Employee Not Listed in Help Portal" on the left. Submit the request and the TSC will investigate and get them added.

First.Last Name Account Request Process

Available for – Faculty, Staff, GA/TA, Student Employees